Glass Prisons

Why Glass Prisons

Okay, so today I watched Avengers and Star Trek: Into Darkness and I realized that they had something in common. Aside from having a really good looking villain and the dramatic walk in the hall surrounded by a bunch of guards the thing they had in common was…the glass prison. Yeah, they killed hundreds of people without any effort (I think) and they put them in glass prisons. Yeah, I’m sure they won’t get out, I mean it’s a glass prison, it’s made out of glass. Well, Nick did say that the glass was something, something and that he can’t get out, but he was still able to escape. While Khan, well, Khan was brought out of his prison because of- Gah! I’m too lazy to say why he was brought out. Anyway, I don’t hate glass prisons, I mean, I like them, cause some villains (specifically Khan and Loki) are too handsome to be blocked by metal bars. BUT if the villain is a homicidal maniac, THEN it’s a really, really, really bad idea to lock them up in a glass prison. AGAIN I DON’T have anything against glass prisons, it’s just my opinion.

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