Shared Hosting

There are lots of correspondences among simple and complex hosting while the major distinction being the grade of managerial and manufacturing support that the client compensates for. The supplier tackles most of the management roles which include safety, space and other assistance. The service is mainly upbeat in character. If you need to host a personal website or blog or something that does not require a large volume than you may be good with shared hosting otherwise if you do need a large volume for your project, then you may need to go for a dedicated server. Similarly the bandwidth or disk space that you will be allowed on a shared server will be limited as compared to a dedicated server; because dedicated server is devoted to serve only your needs so there will be no such limitations as in shared hosting.

The next very important deciding factor is the price difference between shared and dedicated severs. Many people decide to go for shared server hosting because of the low price tag while others may need to have dedicated servers to cater their needs, so they don’t have any choice but to go for a dedicated server. That does bring the price a little up as compared to a shared server but it also offers other benefits over a shared hosting server.

With dedicated hosting however, you are required to have technical skills needed to manage security and maintenance. While in shared hosting, you don’t need to worry about the management of the server as it is done by the provider itself. Websites on a shared server are more prone to be blacklisted by search engines because of malicious activities of some other website owner on the same server which will get the entire IP address to be blacklisted. While dedicated server eliminates the risk of being blacklisted. Shared hosting servers may have a sluggish load or response time due to the others using the bandwidth while dedicated server eliminates the probability of being slow or responding sluggishly. A dedicated server offers more control as compared to its shared counterpart.

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