Siddhartha Project

By: Thornton Blocker

Symbols of my Life

The reason I chose the football player is because of my love for football and people know me as a football player.

I am a happy person for the most part and usually don't get mad that often.

Determination: If I have a goal set I will go out and get it not sit around and hope for it to happen.

I am a pretty competitive person and do not like to lose.


I am Thornton

Son of Julie and Phil

Who needs Family, sleep

Who loves football, family, god

Who sees that everything happens for a reason

Who hates trash talkers, people who mess with my family

Who fears failure, losing somebody close

Who dreams of a successful job, winning a super bowl

Who has found poems of happiness

Resident of Mooresville



The song relates to me because it is about a small town football program like Mooresville and football is big here. Another way it relates to me is because this song makes me happy when I listen to it and in the song he misses football season and wants it to be all the time just like me. Also, he says to have your teammates back and I am determined to have my brothers(teammates) back and win the game.



I did a logo for Athletic Equipment. The Smiling football represents me being a happy person, the football and the athletic equipment represents me being a football player. To represent my determination I said that we are determined to bring you the best quality, and then to represent how I don't like to lose I said you were guaranteed not to lose while using my equipment.

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