Career Research Project

Sound Designer
Ethan Baumgardner

Black Hawk College

Necessary Job Skills- none but being creative other than that just graduating high school

Professional Requirements- none but having taken the ACT

Education requirements

Not really any other than taken the ACT and passed high school. It would increase the chances of getting the job if you have a bachelor's degree.

Black Hawk College

For those who want to try out what college feels like and what a head start on it instead of straight to the university. I think this school is perfect for me, its not too expensive and I don't plan on going to any real college or university. This college provides housing and textbooks for a very low fine. My family isn't rich so this would be perfect, and I don't need a 4 year university to get into sound design.

The Words i live By

"THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD THE DEAD AND THE DYING"(Annoying Screamer.)From DOTA 2. The importance of these words is you are either dead or dying very slowly and be part of dying because were all gonna be dead one day. YODO you only die once.

My Role Model

Ever since I saw Doctor Who, I loved it and he reminded me a bit of myself. Because he always tried to save everyone and not disrespect and insult others. Also he's a pacifist; and I don't like to hurt people either. He is my role model because he always seems to help even if its not that much, kinda like myself. He is important to me because he's British and British accents are awesome and they are very smart. He always seems to get the job done against all odds kinda like me because even if I get it wrong; I get it done. He makes an impact on others because everyone appreciates his work because he can adapt to any situation. And also he is just influential and he is the perfect role model. He also reminds me of myself as I try not to disrespect or insult people.

Quotation Sandwich

Making music is interesting and is often put aside as normal when its really just people being creative. According to Jem Godfrey "If you look back at the history of sound design, both in music and in film, it's surprising how simply some truly iconic noises have been created. The blasters in Star Wars are so clearly a tapped length of steel cable (try it, it's literally the same sound) that you wonder how nobody noticed at the time, yet they're perfect: the result of brilliant lateral thinking, not to mention a non‑existent sound‑effects budget"( Jem Godfrey 1)! With this there have been other creative pieces that turn into music or sound effects. Meaning anyone with technology and creativity can literally become an artist. So you don't need to be a sound scientist to be a master of sound effects and music. This is why I like it all it takes is creativity and nothing else.

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