What is a Hurricane

A hurricane by definition is a storm with winds at more than 74 mph!

How is it formed

To create a hurricane you need 3 things to happen

1. The water has to be warm enough

2. The water vapor must collide with the heat

3. It must be near the ocean

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the most costly hurricane in history. It flooded 80 percent of New Orleans and destroyed more than 100,000 homes

For such a devastating Hurricane, Katrina's wind speed when it hit land was only about the strength of a strong category 1 hurricane

Many of today's big hurricanes including Katrina are not formed in the deep tropics like other past legendary hurricanes, but much closer to the States

Before Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi did not have minimum statewide building codes

How Architects Prepare

impact-resistant windows, doors and other components for homes built in hurricane-prone areas for impact protection, hurricane shutters roof & straps that connect the roof of a home through cables all the way to a basement or concrete slab

Fun Facts

Hurricanes are the most destructive natural weather occurrences on Earth

Hurricanes have male and female names, but at one point only female names were used

Most hurricanes rage harmlessly in the sea

Australians call hurricanes, willy-willies

The New England Hurricane of 1938 is reported to have the fastest forward speed for a hurricane at 70 mph. The forward speed for an average hurricane is less than 20 mph

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean runs from June 1 to November 30

The word hurricane comes from the Taino Native American word, hurucane, meaning evil spirit of the wind

The first time anyone flew into a hurricane happened in 1943 in the middle of World War II

A tropical storm is classified as a hurricane once winds goes up to 74 miles per hour or higher

Hurricanes are the only weather disasters that have been given their own names

All hurricanes begin life in a warm moist atmosphere over tropical ocean waters

A typical hurricane can dump 6 inches to a foot of rain across a region

The most violent winds and heaviest rains take place in the eye wall, the ring of clouds and thunderstorms closely surrounding the eye

Every second, a large hurricane releases the energy of 10 atomic bombs

Hurricanes can also produce tornadoes. They are not as strong as regular tornadoes and last only a few minutes

Slow moving hurricanes produce more rainfall and can cause more damage from flooding than faster-moving, more powerful hurricanes

Hurricane Floyd was barely a category I hurricane, but it still managed to mow down 19 million trees and caused over a billion dollars in damage

Most people who die in hurricanes are killed by the towering walls of sea water that comes inland

In the Pacific Ocean, Hurricanes are generally known as typhoons. In the Indian Ocean they are called tropical cyclones

The man who first gave names to hurricanes was an Australian weather forecaster named C. Wragge in the early 1900s

The first hurricane of the year is given a name beginning with the letter “A”

Hurricane season is from June to November when the seas are at their warmest and most humid, which are ripe conditions for a hurricane to develop

The planet Jupiter has a hurricane which has been going on for over 300 years. It can be seen as a red spot on the planet. This hurricane on Jupiter is bigger than the Earth itself

In the 1950's and 1960's, people went to Hurricane parties with party-goers to watch hurricanes rather than flee from danger. There were claims that in 1969, Hurricane Camille wrecked a hotel where a hurricane party was being held and killed 8 people. Some survivors who were at the hotel at the time claim there was never a hurricane party there and that the actual number of fatalities were not accurate. Nevertheless, a hollywood movie was created out of this story

Hurricanes didn't start having boys' names until 1979

Most hurricanes die at sea when they pass over areas of cooler water

In 1967, a hurricane in Texas caused more than 140 twisters

The worst hurricane damage is often caused by a storm surge. A storm surge is like a giant wall of water pushed onshore by hurricane winds

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo completely destroyed several forests in South Carolina

In 1971, Hurricane Ginger lasted for over three weeks

In 1970, a hurricane in Pakistan killed more than 300,000 people

When a hurricane is especially devastating, its name is permanently retired and another name replaces it

In 1944, the US Navy's Pacific fleet was crushed by Typhoon Cobra, which sank three destroyers and damaged many ships

Bangladesh was a country that was created from a hurricane. In 1970, this region of Pakistan was struck by a cyclone and 500,000 people died. The people felt their government did not do enough to help after the disaster so in 1971, they voted to be independent of Pakistan and Bangladesh was born

Hurricanes do not occur in the South Atlantic Ocean, where the waters are too cold for them to form

Plants have developed different ways of protecting themselves from powerful winds. Palm trees trow mainly in tropical parts of the world where hurricanes sometimes occur. Their flexible trunks bend and spring back in high winds but rarely break

Taping your windows in preparation for a hurricane is a waste of time and money. Tape does not strengthening the glass. Flying debris will smash a taped window as if the tape wasn't there

Hurricane Fox was the first storm to be named in an official weather bureau advisory

Two hurricanes were named Alice in 1954. One in June and one in December

The first hurricane with a male's name was Hurricane Bob which hit near New Orleans in July 1979

The first hurricane to hit the American Colonies happened on August 25, 1635

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