The book I read was Acceleration. It takes place in modern day New York City. The main character Duncan works at the lost and found of a subway station which is underground. While working, he finds a diary but it's not a diary that you write your secrets in and everything like that, it has bad things in it. It has stuff like a person writing about all the animals he has killed and how he set a building full of people on fire for fun. Then, Duncan reads that the guy who wrote this is stalking women on the subway. He has written down what time they get to the subway and what they look like! Duncan has a name for the person who wrote this. He calls him Roach

Once Duncan finds the diary he doesn't show anyone else but his friend Vinny. They don't want to report the diary to the cops because they don't have any evidence on who wrote it, and it has Duncan's finger prints all over it so they may think he was the one who wrote it. So they do a lot of research on how to catch a serial killer so they can catch Roach themselves and save the people he is going to murder. One day Duncan and Vinny go to the mall because they found an employee discount receipt in the diary which makes them think Roach works at the mall. While at the mall they find two suspects. They follow the suspects to see what they do on the subway. They find out that the suspects are innocent and stop following them.

Then, one day while Duncan is at work, a man with dark sunglasses walks in and asks if they have a diary that he is missing. Duncan knows that this is Roach so he follows him home. When Roach goes into his house, Duncan hides at a nearby coffee shop. Then, he sees Roach leave his house and get on a bus to go to the subway. Duncan runs to Roaches house and breaks in. He doesn't think there's anyone in the house until he sees an old lady, Roaches grandma, watching TV. He figures out she's deaf because there is no sound on the TV and there are subtitles. Then, he sees a door that leads to Roaches room. He explores the room to see if he can find anything else suspicious. While searching, Duncan hears the door knob turn and he knows it's Roach. He hides in a closet. Then, when he hears Roach about to open the closet Duncan bursts out of the closet and starts fighting with Roach. Roach slices Duncan in the arm with a knife, but Duncan cracks Roaches rib with a metal pole. Duncan runs out of the house and Roach follows him. They go to the subway station and start fighting there. Roach throws Duncan over the platform and onto the subway tracks. Duncan Climbs onto the platform and throws Roach onto the tracks where he gets run over by an oncoming train and dies. Duncan has to go to the hospital but he turns out okay.


The author of my book is Graham McNamee. He is a male who is 5'10" and has brown hair and brown eyes. You should not approach him unless you know him because he is VERY shy. He has written 8 books including this one. One of his books won the ALA Best Book for young Adults, ALA Quick Pick, Austrian Children's Book Award, and was nominated for the Governors Generals' Award.

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