My Normal Everyday Life

The first thing to do to start off my day in the mornings is to go to the restroom and wash my face and brush my teeth, layout the clothes I'll be wearing for school, preparing my breakfast to be ready to eat after I'm done putting my makeup and done doing my hair once I'm awake enough to know what's happening in the morning since I'm not a morning person. Once I have done the things to do in my mornings I try to leave at least at 8:10 so I have enough time to socialize with friends and maybe even time to time catch up on some homework or just wait till the bell rings to go to class, then just do the everyday work in my core classes that last an hour and 30 minutes and sometimes play around or do jokes without trying to get into to much trouble to help pass time. Of course then lunch comes for us to pig out, catch up on the things that happened in class that caught our attention, or just have quiet time to yourself. It usually is just 30 minutes then off to another class to continue on with the day and learn something new. You keep repeating the schedule for classes until the last bell rings which is at 3:54, then just go home and get ready to go to work or wait for your ride to pick you up then go home to also get changed for practice which is soccer. Which ever you do go to you have to take the orders the coach or boss tells you to do and do the work you can do to please them so you won't get in trouble. Once you finally do go home you'd just get changed into some comfortable clothes, get something to eat, start homework or either do chores, then get your clothes ready for the next day of school and finally when all those tasks are done get free time to watch movies/t.v, take a shower, go to sleep, or whatever you feel like to do.

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