outsiders poster

Ponyboy is 14 years old and he has two brothers Darry and Soda. Ponyboy goes to school, gets good grades, and Ponyboy is on the track team. Ponyboy has problems with the Soc. Ponyboy has a good heart, is smart, loves to read and go to the movies. Darry is always giving Ponyboy a hard time and Darry acts like he's Ponyboy's  father figure.  

Soda is 16 years old and he has two brothers Darry and Ponyboy. Soda has dark-gold hair that he combs back long and silly and straight and his eyes are dark brown. He has dad's eyes, but he was one of a kind. Soda is handsome like a movie star. Soda used to get drunk in a drag race or dancing without getting near alcohol. Soda does drink alcohol but now he does not anymore. Ponyboy and Soda are very close and Soda always sticks up for Ponyboy.

Dally is 19 years old. Dally's hair was almost white it was so blond, and he didn't like hair cuts or hair oil either, and his eyes were blue. Dally had been on the wild side of New York and he had been arrested at the age of ten. He was the toughest guy in their gang and he was the real criminal.