Hello, my name is Evelyn

I am a 7th grade student at Boles Jr High. I like drawing and listening to music. Math is my favorite subject even if it gets difficult at times.

I have two sisters and one brother. We all live with my mom and dad. Here's a random photo of my little sister.

She is chewing on a bag of taco seasoning apparently.

I have a group of friends that I love being around but I don't have any pictures of them. Instead, this is a kickstarter video of a web comic called Homestuck that my friend reads.

I watch a bunch of random anime. Here is a list: Fairy Tail, Hetalia, Sword Art Online, Magi, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Mekakucity Actors, Tokyo Ghoul, Ouran High School Host Club, and probably more I can't remember.

I don't like taking pictures so I don't have a lot. I'll just name a bunch of facts. My favorite color is blue, I want to learn French next year, I have two dogs, I only read when I have a really good book or when someone tells me to read something, and most of my friends are weird but they like it.