My name is Billy Rae Cyrus.

I  am a confederate.   

I am 27 years old.

I lived in Alabamer.

I live with P-nut and hes my slave.

My daughter Miley is in the war, because we didn't want to go.

January 31, 1862

Today I woke up and brushed my teeth. Then I whipped P-Nut and he did the chores. They took about 3 hours. Then we ate lunch and I whipped him some more. I burnt Union officers which helped the war a lot. P-nut was being a baby about missing Miley today, I told him not to worry, she is just a woman we don't need them in our lives. later me and P-nut went to the store, we saw some Union soldiers running out of the place with some food, so we tackled them down, shot them right in the face, blood went everywhere, it was great. We took their bodies to the pit that's in my town, everyone puts their unwanted things there, I felt like they belonged. Me and P-nut went to see grandma smiley, she was so happy, just like always. her name really fits her yanno. She gave us a lot of food, and some guns to shoot more people with. She is such a kind woman.  

February 1, 1862

Dear miley,

We miss you very much. We mourn for you every day. And hope that you can come home tomorrow. We are doing well back home. P-nut is being a lazy little varmint like always. And I have to whip him to do his chores. But i'm doing good trying to make it in these horrible horrible times. I heard about the battle of Gettysburg, I hope you don't have to fight in it but if you do just be safe. Please write back.   

Much love,


February 2, 1862

This morning I ate breakfast. Today I have to mow the lawn, I am going to try to teach P-nut how to do it, he will probably kill himself on accident, but at least he will learn from it. We went fishing too, and then we cooked and ate them. They were amazing. Then we brought some of the fish to the soldiers. I went to the bar after that, I had to leave P-nut outside, I played darts and had a good time.

February 3, 1862

Miley is slowly dying and she might not make it back because an outbreak of HIV. I am heartbroken by this news. P-nut is a slave so he doesn't really have an opinion. And grandma smiley is in the hospital because she is so sad. She had a major stroke and the doc doesn't know if she is gonna survive. Miley was infected during the Battle of Vicksburg and will probably die sometime soon. And we are all super sad. Grandma Smiley  died in the Hospital because she had another major stroke.  

February 4, 1862

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