Reports To:

The manager, your boss, or maybe the owner of the vet, when you are working and find an animal has been drugged by someone you are supposed to call the FDA or ADE to report the animals drug abuse


The purpose of this job is to give you resources to keep your pet move toward a healthier, and full life. Also to let your client know that you will never give up on their pet's health.


Some of the duties of this job will be health checkups on a pet, being able to clean an animal's teeth, performing surgeries, fix broken bones, treat infections, and giving lethal injections to animals that are terminally ill or too old.


Some qualifications to be a veterinarian are...

  • Having a bachelors degree
  • A doctor of Veterinary medicine (D.V.M or V.D.M)
  • Associate's degree in veterinary technology
  • Good Communication
  • Needs to be at appointments and at work on time
  • Passion for animals
  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Empathetic/sympathetic