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amarica need more members senate

Qualifications you must be at lease 30 years of age to be apart of the senet .also u will need to be a citizen of the united states for 9 years

1 Formal qualification .you will need to be a legislator witch means that you will be makeing laws.
2 Formal qualification .you will need to commit to your members to pass laws

politico attempted to comebine the basic elements of trustese of delegates

partiseans to vote in in line with party platforms

delegates they should vote how  the pepole back home whould vote

salary and benefits
they salary and benefits of the house of the senate is $174,000 crongress must be houseing crisis to increase Americans consumer.

length and numbers the senator is elected to a six year term the of one third of the senators expire every two years

created by jeremy echavarry

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