Kinetic and Spring

The two types of energy that will be discussed are kinetic and spring. Snowboarders use energy in every move they do.

Kinetic Energy in Snowboarding

Kinetic Energy is the energy of motion; any object that is moving has kinetic energy. In snowboarding, kinetic energy would be the equivalent of something such as the amount of speed necessary to clear a jump. A snowboarder would asses this by determining how far away they are from the jump at that point and how much distance is between the jump and the landing. Another factor that contributes to the calculation of the necessary kinetic energy is if the boarder plans to execute any maneuvers.

Spring Potential Energy in Snowboarding

Spring energy in snowboarding is the basis behind every ground trick. Basically, if you want to go up, you have to push off of something, which would be the ground. When the rider leans on the snowboard and causes it to bend at the middle, the board stores spring potential energy related to the amount it is bent. The closer you get to the ground when forcing your weight down, the higher you will go. With the right amount of spring energy and torque some very impressive snowboarders can even maneuver themselves to do crazy tricks while only 2 feet off the ground.