This is confucius. He was one of the early chinese philosophers. he was a guy who deeply believed in chinese traditions. he also saw that government and society had to change. he championed strong family loyalty. He taught his people to respect and honor their elders.

These are called the analects.  The Analects are a collection of sayings and ideas made by Confucius and his peoples. It was known to be made during the warring states period.

This is a yin and yang. The chinese peoples thought that this was an important symbol to their society. Yin and Yang represent the opposites in life such as man and woman and light and dark. The yin side represents negative things in life. The yang side represents positive things in life.If they didn't have eachother then they wouldn't exist.

Confucius believed in respecting your elders. If you were to do something bad Confucius believed that you should look up to your elders because they set a good example for you. You were always supposed to look up to them no matter what so you acted right.

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