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'Australian Voices and Stereotypes'

1.  A stereotype is the fixed idea or image someone has of a certain thing or person, they usual get these stereotypes from other people. Australia has many stereotypes, one could be that everyone enjoys there Sunday BBQ's and that its always sunny and very hot. To some extent i think that some of these stereotypes are correct but after the recent rain there was no fine weather.

2. A stereotype can damage a person or group as with one person sharing there stereotype could lead to a whole lot of people think this stereotype, even if the stereotype is false, people could still believe someones stereotype and ruin there reputation.

3.  The three stereotypes I discovered this week were;

The broad accent spoken by 10% and mainly by men, general accent spoken by 80% and is the in-between of broad and cultivated and speakers don’t think they have an accent. Finally cultivated accent spoken by 10% and mainly by women who want to portray and sophisticated image.

I think I have a general accents, I'm not really sure that i have an accent but i think i just fit in here because i dont have a broad or cultivated accent.

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2 years ago

Very brief. When writing blogs you should really try and include multimedia.