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9th grade English
Jerrod Williams

Expository Essay

Preparing for a Friday night is one of the most hardest things that there is to do. It goes from waking up in the morning all the way to kickoff. There is only one way to get ready for Friday night. It is fun but it is also nerve racking. This is how you should always get ready for Friday night.

The first thing that you should always do on Friday morning is get ready and then the last thing that you should do is get your jersey on. After you finish getting ready and getting dressed you can get on your way to school. As you get to school you fill with happiness. When the day goes on you will fell with more nerve, and less happiness. When you go to the pep rally and school gets out you calm back down.

As you go into the locker room and everybody is eating everything calms back down. You can set down, eat and then later get your things your pads ready for the game. Now you can start to think more about the game. Think about how much closer to game time it is getting and let the game get back on your mind after you get dressed and eat. Things start to change and you get nervous.

Then after all of that you can start to set down as your food gets calm, and you are dressed in your pads for the game. As you feel you are about to throw up you start to move around. Then when you head down to the field you are steel nervous but you have a little exciting feeling in you. When you see the other team, and you go over plays it is getting closer to game time. Finally when it is time to into the tunnel and you hear people cheering with smoke everywhere and fireworks blowing up you start to feel like you are going to throw up. Then your heart is beating and its game time.

There is only one way on how to enter a Friday night football game If you do not feel like this then you must not want to win. You should feel like this before every game so that you now you want to win. This is the only way i have ever entered a a game. This is the only wright way that you can enter a Friday night football game.

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