Let's Count!

Maker's Fest CISM Class of 2020

"We put the Make in MakeyMakey"

About Our Project

Our MakeyMakey project is made to help lower school students, mainly Pre-Kinder and Kinder students to be able to count. The experience was a hard and challenging ride, since we had other group mates who weren't able to help as much in the project. We also got slowed down as we didn't have the right amount of materials to make the project. Nevertheless, we continued working till we got a good enough work to show to the Pre-K and K.

About MakeyMakey

MakeyMakey is an invention kit made by MIT Professionals Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum. It is an invetion made to utilize one's creativity and imagination through a computer and kit. For more information about MakeyMakey, click the button below.

About Maker's Fest

Maker's Fest is a show and tell event to the lower school students of CISM. Us middle and upper school students made different devices to show to the lower school students. The event is held at Chinese International School Manila at McKinley Hill, Taguig City, Manila, Philippines. This happens at May 16, 2014, Friday. Click the button below for more details about our school.

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