Friday- 1/3

Work Capacity Friday

Depending on a partner

Doesn't feel much like a Friday today with the holidays being in the middle of the week. However, that had zero effect on how our workout was to go today. I decided to become a player in this game today and join our team on their journey. Since I was doing this workout I decided I would turn it into something where you had to depend on your partners for almost all of the workout. We have so many different types of clients that train here with us at the gyms that we have to continuously work to push them to get better. What better way then put our clients through a workout where their performance plays a role. I do not do this to embarrass. I do not do this to prove a point. Yes, it does have a tendency to make things harder, but my main goal is to create drive and test our clients abilities from what we have taught them at Sculpt. Lets get to work.

Warm up:

2 x db OH lunges x 10

2 x air squat x 10

2 x db goblet squat x 5

Then: With a Barbell(most guys bars were loaded at #75 and girls ranges from #45-#55)

*** some modifications might be made as for the safety of our clients. Of course our goal is to create difficulty, but at no point are we going to increase possibility for specific clients to get injured.

BB Step up ladder + Pausing Back Squat

Step up Ladder went 6-4-2-4-6 reps

Example: after partner 1 completes 6 step ups he/she will drop into pausing back squat position until partner 2 is done with their 6 step ups. Then it will look like this

P2: pausing back squat

P3: step up


Team row 2000m( 1 min each until 2000m is complete)


BB Step up ladder

6-4-2-4-6(same set up as before)


Team SkiErg 2000m(1 min each until 2000m is complete)


BB Step up Ladder


Cool down: