Samir's Skype Project

By: Samir Saleh

Although parting may bring such sweet sorrow, I must fight and die for my country and it's cause. Oh Jebediah, you are nothing but a balderdash. Oh see what you done made me do now. You got me cussin' like a fool. Oh. Don't bellyache so much, I'm the one that's in war well bully for you. I love you Betsy. I love you too Jeb. And don;t forget about John and Joseph. John call your brother Joseph. Well hello my little son's. Mornin' dad. Mornin' dad. Good morning. I hope you are giving your mother an easy time while I'm gone. Uhh yes? Good. Well I must leave now ( Order, halt) I must go now give your mother a kiss for me. Bye dad. Goodbye Jeb, and good luck.

My name is Jeremiah Wilkerson. I am currently joining the Confederate States Army. My current military rank is a corporal. All the years of the secession, I have always looked up to the South, while looking up t the South's cause. I believe that even though secession divides our great nation, I would die in honor for the Southern lifestyle and agriculture. I have alwways loved my family and I always want to keep them in great peace. I am a farmer. But now I am a soldier.

Hi Betsy how’s you and the little rugrats? Oh, it’s the complete opposite of the fair at Austin, I tell you what. Wa’do’ya mean betsy my one and only beloved. They’s eating all the food I’s brings from’s the grocery marke’. Well I apologize for the inconvenience two bloods brought to your focused times, while I'm in battle.

Joseph and John Edwards Wilkerson, what in God's great name am I going to do with your poor soul's. Oh, look what you did with my clay, treating it like some Godanged' games. Oh, Jeb, when are you comin' home? I feel like a darned deadbeat person. Oh, Betsy, don't say that balderdash. You ain't a deadbeat, bully, ain't nothin' but the children's play. Hello, Betsy? Hi Jeb. What's wrong Curly? Arthur came in, yonder morning. Who, the tax collecta'? Yes, Jeb. He said the bank was gonna' foreclose this house and take the ranch deed. Not the ranch. Jeb, I can't find work, except for heavy labor, and Jeb you know how much I hate heavy labor. Yeah, I know's.

Command, attention. I must go, see ya darlin'. Bye.

Hey Jebediah, how ya doin'? Camp is going okay. I made sergeant rank. Oh bully. I conclude so. Although some of the soldiers received blue mass. Oh no darlin'. Well ask for a squad diversity. Well darlin' they're looking for some squad changes, but most squads are terrified of the contamination from the sickness. Well I do hope you are all right. John Wilkerson. Stay away from those soldiers ya hear. All right darlin'. Keep your voice down, I think the general's comin'. Oh all right. Keep safe Jeb. I will darlin'. Mornin' Jeb. Mornin' Betsy. That was sarcasm, because you woke me up at 6:15 A.M. And you know I can't miss any of your fool calls, right? Yes Betsy. Right now though I am keeping up a good pastime, by playing Baseball and eating goober peas. It's going great here. Well I'm glad of your fun. Yes and they also have my favorite food, ground beef of cow. Although, the vegetables here are even more scarce fresh, than they are beef. I must go, it's lunch time. As must I, my mother is coming on the morrow. I love you and the kids Betsy. Goodbye.

Jebediah Wilkerson, what happened to your arm. I hurt it playing Baseball. You don't get a cast on your arm by playing Baseball. I swear it was a fastball. Fine keep fresh on your body. Don't worry darling, the camp nurse has a special oil that'll make everything smart. Oh Jeb, I must go now. I must bathe my sinuses. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodbye. Bye love.

Going home was the hardest memory, I've ever endured in less than a lifetime. As I am tough the war is more strong. Food and shelter is the least of my problems. The Confederacy will live on, as the great nation.The Confederacy was not treated with mercy. This is how I will be treated in a whole lifetime. I am sure the South is the most powerful nation, ever to endure a war.

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