Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Makenna Vargas

Chapters 1 & 2

One quote that characterizes Holden is when he states, " Besides I'm not going to tell you my whole goddamn autobiography or anything"(Salinger 3).

Chapters 3 & 4

One quote that relates to the topic of community is when Holden states, " All I need's an audience. I'm an exhibitionist" (Salinger 33). This relates to community becuase Holden believes he acts himself when he is surrounded by people. "Community" is what he believes brings out his true self and has an impact on the way he acts. Without surrounding himself with people, Holden cannot believes he cannot act himself. However, who Holden surrounds himself does not affect who he truly is, but instead he acts the way he wants but wants people around to watch. So, Holden's sense of community is different from what others people community may be.

Chapters 5 & 6

In chapters 5 & 6, Holden and his friend Mal Brossard wanted to take a trip to Agerstown to eat a hamburger and maybe watch a movie. Holden did not want to abjure Ackley from this event so he decided to invite him. So, then the three guys went for a hamburger but did not end up watching a movie. When Holden returned back to his dorm, he was in a state of quiescent because it was late at night. When Stradlater returned from his date with Jane, Stradlater made his date seem irrelevlant to Holden. Holden wished that Stradlater was indulgent about the details of the date, but he was not. As a result, Holden and Stradlater got into a fight. Stradlater quelled Holden to the ground and made him bleed all over. Lastly, Holden informs the reader that he had a younger brother named Allie that died of leukemia.

Chapter 7

Why did Holden feel lonesome throughout the chapter?

Chapter 8

Why does Holden take enjoyment in lying?

Chapter 9

Why does Holden think that Faith will meet with him?

Chapter 10

Why does Holden continue to hang out with the three girls even though he finds them annoying and ugly?

Chapter 11

Is Holden not admitting to himself that Jane has moved on?

Chapter 12

Why does Holden wonder where the ducks went?

Chapter 13

Why does Holden think hiring a prosititute will help him "gain experience"?

3 Main Points in John Green's Crash Course Video

1. Holden lives in an image driven world. Green states that the plot of a story is not always the most important in a story. However, most people want a story with good imagery just as Holden does.

2. Holden is obsessed with innocence- he wouldnt throw a snow ball at a car because it looked too pretty. So, although Holdenseems like Mr. Tough, he is not. In fact, he also pays a prositute, but does not end up having sex with her. Instead, he just wants to talk and for someone to listens to what he has to say.

3.  Also, Green tells us that Holden has an obsession with time. Holden wants to stay young forever. This may seem peculiar, but Holden does not want to move on top adulthood because it seems dreary and depressing.

Chapter 14

Why did Holden not give Maurice $10 even if Holden had the money?

Chapter 15

Why does Holden hate when someone has cheap suitcases?

Chapter 16

Why does Holden continue to watch plays when all he does is criticize them?

Chapter 17

Why was Holden willing to marry Sally even though he did not love her?

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