Well first off I did a lot of things in 2013 It was the best year for me.

In 2013 I went to a lot of places I explored a lot of new things. My year of 2013 was adventures and very fun.

In 2013 i went to a school called John Welsh I was in John Welsh for 5 years It was the best 5 years of my life. I was very shy when I first went to John Welsh, but as the years grew I grew with those years. I was learned to trust more people and not give up on what I want to do with my life they teach me a lot of wonderful things in John Welsh. As I grew and grew I develop a better mind and maturity all because of the teachers in John Welsh. The teachers teach books and and other school things but they also teach respect and maturity styles. John Welsh was a good experience for me and a great school.

As time pass It was summer already. In the summer I was in Brooklyn, New York. As I was in Brooklyn, NY I went to new places that I haven't went to in New York. I went to Central Park my aunts, cousins,sisters and mom and we went on a boat ride we were very scared because we almost fell in the water. I row a boat for the first time i was surprise in how great I did rowing a boat. After that on my cousins birth day in August we went to six flags It was the best day. I went on a lot of rides I was scared in some of them, but they were fun. I went on the batman, the superman,on the fair wheel, on the tea cups etc... After that we where very tired when we came back from six flags we sleep all day the next day. The rest of that summer my mom came back because she left for a while because she had to work, but she came back and we went to diner and went shopping. I liked that day because we were all in family. After that we went back to Philadelphia it was the Dominican Parade and we had fun. I was with my mom my cousin and my moms friend my cousin was making laugh the hole ride to the parade because people were screaming and acting crazy and having fun.

Then September came and I was in a new school with people I didn't know I felt weird and out of place. I felt like I didn't belong in this school. As soon as I stepped in this school I felt like I was going to be shy. But as the year came around I met new people and became friends with them. It wasn't hard it was just weird talking to other people because I was always the shy one. But, I over came my shyness and became this loud and proud person that I am today.

This is the end of my 2013 story, 2013 was a great year for me and I loved it.

Hope this year is even better !!

The End