Trying to Bring Waste to Energy Converters to America

At the time when Stephen Crivillaro was a consultant specializing green management techniques, the United States had yet to make known if they had begun investment or any type of investigation into waste into energy converter units. Stephen Crivillaro often traveled between Dusseldorf, Germany and Mumbai, India to consult on the development of these units. At the time, they believed that the units would be fully functional with three years. Stephen Crivillaro had the idea of bringing the technology to America for the reconstruction of waste management procedures.

With his hopes of bringing the converter units to the United States, Stephen Crivillaro networked as much as he could in order to establish a positive response to the waste to energy units that were being created. Though there may be a long way to go still, Stephen Crivillaro firmly believes in the projects, and expects it to be available for widespread use in the future. On the topic, he says, “I have no doubts about the project. I fully expect to see these units become staple in our lives as they revolutionize the way that we deal with waste and create energy.”

As these units are beginning to revolutionize the energy industry in Germany and India, Stephen Crivillaro knows that they will do the same for the United States. With the majority of these projects being developed abroad, Stephen Crivillaro hopes that he can spur the country of America to look into these green energy products as well and start to see a new dawn in green energy for the world as a whole.