(1) What is meant  by the term ' brand image'?

Is how the buyer think a product will be based on it brand.

(3)what is it meant by the term 'after sales service'?

Is something like what kind of way you treat the customer if they come back return to  something they bought.

(4) State two type of after sales service.

refund and replacement.

(5) Explain why a business would want to develop a brand image?

This because people where the product comes from if they see it out  then they can just go and buy it.Also they can use it as a reason for adding price.

(6)using  the an example, explain the term 'product range ' in business?

Product range means to have a lot of the same type of things. For example if sell chocolate its better to have different types of chocolate because different people like different types of chocolate.

(7)List two benefits to customers from competition.

Is the price goes down and they will sell more.


(9)explain why someone with experience in coffee trade might start up a coffee store?

Because they can get the coffee for the cheapest price to make more profit.  


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