Hydrogen, the #1 element


        Today we are embarking on an Apollo mission to survive on another planet. We can bring an element that is key for survival. The element we all should bring is the number 1 element, Hydrogen.

What is Hydrogen?

         Hydrogen is a highly flammable, odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. It is a nonmetal that is found in period 1, group 1 on the periodic table. Its atomic number is 1 and the atomic mass is also 1, which is the lightest element out of all elements. It is also the only element that has 0 neutrons. Hydrogen's melting point is -259 degrees Celsius while its boiling point is -252 degrees Celsius.

What is this gas used for?

     Hydrogen is used to lift up balloons and blimps. It can also be used to create fuel for daily activities and other electronics. It is also used in a compound to create water.

Survival of the fittest(Sales pitch)

     You want to be able to survive in the unknown, right? What is better than a gas that covers several important aspects of survival. For biological needs, water is a necessity to survive. No human in the universe is able to survive without water, and that also means you. How are you going to get fuel for your tools and functional needs? You spot a looming danger? Pack some hydrogen into a big balloon and make a quick getaway! Welcome Hydrogen to your survival kit now!


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