British imperialism was harmful

There were several negative effects of British rule in India. First of all, Indians didn't have a say in their own government.  The British were in control and looked down on indian religions. The British started to take raw materials for low cost from India and then they sold the finished goods for high rates in the market. This of course yielded an increase in their profit but the handmade Indian goods lost its customers as they would get the goods at lower cost. This effected the income of the Indians who used to sell their finished goods they earned from their business.  The next thing is that British people started the method of Divide and Rule in order to make the Indians fight between themselves. At times, the Indians were fighting the British people and conquered the places from Indian rulers to  extend their political influence. They sowed the first seed of communalism between Hindus and Muslims. This led to the division of the nation into Pakistan and India. Another adverse effect of British rule was that they gave birth to corruption in the country by giving bribes to some Indians in order to make those people help them to know the weak points of Indian rulers. They set up high taxes which could not be borne by craftsmen and led to the decline of Indian handicrafts which had attained world wide fame earlier.

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