Top 10 Candybars


Nestle Crunch is my top 10 most favorite candy bar. The chocolate is good with the little crispy things.

Butterfingers is my 9th most favorite candy bar. The crisp in butterfingers are good.

Baby Ruth is 8th most favorite candy bar. Every thing in it goes so well.

KitKats are my 7th most favorite candy. They are really good and they are crispy.

3 Musketeers are my 6th most favorite candy bar. The thing in the 3 Musketeers are really good.

Milky Ways are my 5th most favorite candy bar. The caramel and  chocolate and cookie goes good together.

Almond Joys are my 4th most favorite candy bars. Coconut and almond are so good and covered in chocolate is better.

Hershey's are my 3rd most favorite candy bars. It is just pure chocolate and i love chocolate.

Reese's peanut butter cups are my 2nd favorite candy bars. The peanut butter and chocolate fit perfect together.

Snickers are my favorite candy bars, because the peanuts, penut butter, chocolate, and cookie all go together so perfectly.

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