EDU 210

Mobile Education Apps

Here are hyperlinks to the Apple store where all of the apps that I've found are available. Ideally, it would be great if all of the students in my high school art class could have their own iPad, and I would set 1 assignment that requires the completion of a digital work of art. This project would be completes outside of class time, on the student's own time.

Paper by Fifty Three

This app is a free download, but had tools available for in app purchase, that enhance the drawing potential and experience. Ideally for a classroom setting, I would have a few sets of the purchased tools for students to borrow to complete the assignment, and if students liked using this app, they could purchase their own as the complete kit appears to be approx. $6.99, for 5 drawing tools.

Brushes 3

This app allows the operator to use various styles of paintbrushes in their digital paintings. It is a free app, and has been recommended to me by a professional illustrator, as being one of the best apps he has encountered. No special tools are required to operate this app, and there is a board selection of colours and effects available for use.

SyncSpace Free

SyncSpace is a free app that allows for realtime collaboration on single drawings over the internet. Multiple students can collaborate on a project. This would be great for a collaborative group drawing, but also for any type of group project, where students need to work together, but can't necessarily meet face to face.

123D Catch

123D Catch is a free app, which offers an in app purchase for a monthly account for $9.99. This app is a photography based, and creates 3D photographs. Students can take pictures of an object or a person from multiple angles and compile them into a 3 Dimensional image. This would be great for a sculpture unit/assignment, as well as a unit on Cubism.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is a free download with an in app monthly cloud subscription of $1.99 for 20GB of cloud storage for everything you produce in this app. Drawings created in this app are easily transferred to other Adobe apps such as Illustrator, Behance and Photoshop Touch. These apps also feature in app purchases. Due to the cost of this set up, I would ideally have the entire Adobe collection on a few classroom iPads that students could access during class time. Students should not be required to purchase this system to complete an assignment, but the quality that Adobe has to offer, should be available to the class, should they choose to access it.

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