Fat People are Weak

The book I have been reading is called Lord of the Flies and it focuses on a group of boys who have been stranded on an island all by themselves with no grown-ups.

William Golding uses Piggy's character as an example of the cultural assumption of the 1950's that to go to war during WWII, you had to be fit and healthy and because of the lack of science and technology, asthma was classed as a disability and having a disability meant that you were not classed as a "man".

Piggy is the main protagonist and he is asthmatic and overweight and is treated badly by Jack who is the main antagonist. Jack is always picking on Piggy because he is different to everyone else. During the story, Piggy isn't being treated fairly by Jack because Jack thinks that he is not a "man". A quote from the story states that Jack calls Piggy "fat and useless".

Another example from the story is that Ralph sometimes picks on Piggy for the fun of it because Piggy doesn't really get jokes. An example from the book Lord of the Flies states that Piggy wants to build clocks for everyone but Ralph jokes around saying that after, the can build an aeroplane, TV set and a steam engine.

I think that this is really unfair because Piggy doesn't deserve to be picked on just because he is different and not as much as a "man" as all of the other boys.

William Golding does not challenge this assumption because he has chosen to put Piggy's character in the story Lord of the Flies and writes about how he gets picked on. Piggy is a representation of men who didn't fight in war and so couldn't defend their country.

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2 years ago

😊 Within this blog post i thought you outlined and explained the cultural assumption really well !
The examples you used to showcase this cultural assumption were well thought out and descriptive. The use of these quotes made it easier to comprehend the assumption being made. 😜
You clearly showed that the author used characterisation to furthermore explain how the assumption was being displayed and you linked it to the real world assumption of soldiers in WWII really well.
You conveyed the author's opinions of this cultural assumption well and explained how he showed this opinion through the book which I thought was really good. 👍 Great Job !! 😄