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January 30, 2015

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Creating Compound Machines

Creating machines. #jchsfaculty #proudtobeajet

James Clemens is growing critical thinkers and problem solvers in Principles of Engineering. Mr. Ennis's Principles of Engineering class created compound machines this week. Through this hands-on activity, students were asked to design and build a compound machine which moves a block of wood at least six inches and incorporates at least three simple machines (pulleys, gears, chains, etc) in its design. Students used gear ratio equations in design conception. They had to document and illustrate the mechanical advantages and drive ratios of individual mechanisms which were utilized within their final compound machine solution. They had to take into consideration the applied force provided by human input while ensuring their compound machine had a mechanical advantage greater than 1.

Students' designs varied, but the outcomes were the same. Each student explained his or her group's design and reasoning behind the construction. Some groups used more than three simple machines and many resources. Others kept their resources to a minimal and only used the required three simple machines in their design. They all took pride and ownership in their creations.

AP Art Creating Goals

AP Art #jchsfaculty #proudtobeajet

Mrs. Vaughan's AP Art classes are making goals based on their AP portfolio guidelines. Mrs. Vaughan guided students through assessing their central idea of focus for their concentration. Looking at example portfolios that had received high scores from the AP College Board, students adjusted their goals accordingly based on high expectations. Mrs. Vaughan also provided students with various options for portfolio submissions which she referred to as "the wall of creativity." There students found listings of various ideas and mediums ranging from furniture design to light instalations. This allowed students opportunities to work in various mediums exploring outside their comfort zones of artistic expression and pushing them to set higher goals.

Pilot's Lounge

Pilot's Lounge is a wonderful opportunity for teacher led learning offered to faculty at JCHS. Each week during lunch periods, teachers can come into the IP's room to experience instruction from a peer on educational resources that interest them. Our first Pilot's Lounge of 2015 was well received. Mr. Whitt introduced Google Drive to the faculty. He discussed the approach of SAMR.  Participants evaluated why Google Drive is a better resource than some of the other resources out there. Mr. Whitt shared many benefits to using Google Drive including how the information is always there in the cloud, it's what most will use in college, and that they are reputable. Mr. Whitt discussed the easy collaboration of using Google Drive, and explained how Google Classroom is available and will pair well with Edmodo and Schoology.   Teachers who want to participate in this should email Mr. Whitt to obtain access. For more information on using Google Drive in your classroom, click the link below.

Future Pilot's Lounges include:

February 3rd- CK12 with Mrs. Lilavois, February 10th- Flipped Classroom- Mrs Bohatch

February 17th- Mimo use with Mr. Hunt, February 24th- Mobi use with Mr. Jeffreys.

Reflecting on Flight School

This week's Flight School focused on using self-reflection to assess achievement and monitor goals. Teachers were introduced to the concept of self-reflection through a protocol called "What's the Question?" We looked at Dr. Peter Pappas's Taxonomy of Reflection using the concepts of Bloom's Taxonomy to level reflection from mere remembering to creation. Teachers conducted a self-reflection to monitor their own professional goal setting and discussed ways of implementing self reflection in their classrooms. Suggestions were made to try student reflection after assessments, projects, essays, Socratic Seminars and labs. The importance of allowing students to reflect on their own learning lead to connections with ownership and leading their own learning.

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