The Elm Street Group at Morgan Stanley: Working Together

Mission Statement

At the Elm Street Group, we help individuals and families accumulate, preserve and distribute wealth as part of a trusting and enduring advisory relationship. We believe that without a goal, there can be no plan, without a plan, there's no chance of success

As financial advisors, we listen carefully, ask probing questions, educate at every opportunity and methodically implement strategies to help solve problems in a highly tailored and personal manner. We combine experience and objectivity with progressive planning and asset management strategies in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that our success is determined by our ability to help clients accumulate, preserve and distribute wealth in a manner consistent with their very personal and confidential goals. Therefore, every client relationship we develop is unique and special, with long-term performance measured against written, numeric goals. We do not advise clients until we ourselves have met the high standards of due diligence we insist on. This requires clients to be open and communicative with all information relevant to their life and financial goals and thorough analysis on our part before objective strategies are presented to meet clients' needs.

How We Work With You

We use a team approach in providing for our clients' needs. We've found this to be the most effective way to leverage the special skills and talents required to ensure financial success. At times, this means we call on clients' outside professional advisors for their expertise; at other times, we seek assistance from specialists within Smith Barney. At all times, our efforts are carefully coordinated to streamline the process of managing wealth.

We are committed to the disciplined and client centric process we follow. We expect to be called on at all stages of our clients' lifecycle and challenged with problems to solve. A team approach allows us to proactively engage our clients on important matters while also remaining attentive to the very real and complex issues confronting investors daily.

Our Process

Comprehensive wealth management begins with an end in mind. Because every client is unique, a well conceived, five-step process is employed to address the circumstances and goals of each client.

Client Understanding

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of life and financial goals, financial resources, liabilities and objectives, and risk tolerance.

Profile Development

A framework is established to help guide financial decision-making based on goals. Often, an investment policy statement is drafted.

Strategy Development

A strategy is developed that will serve as the foundation of the wealth management plan. Planning risks are identified, investment objectives are quantified, an asset allocation policy is created, transfer planning is initiated. Problem solving steps are identified and explained.

Plan Implementation

The action plan agreed on is implemented carefully and methodically. Plans for regular reviews are put in motion.

Ongoing Monitoring

A program of regular and proactive monitoring and review designed to measure and evaluate progress is key to success. Once results are examined in comparison to goals, the cycle of wealth management begins over again and may often lead to adjustments. Client communication is essential for effective progress monitoring.

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