Citric Acid

By,Abbey and Connie


Hello, my name is Citric Acid. I am very fruity in different ways because I’m in many different forms like fruit (lemons and limes) and sour candies. I am kind of important to your bodies because I contain vitamin C which is important because it is an essential building block of collagen which builds parts of our bodies that are important (like bones, skin, blood vessels and other tissues). Not getting enough of me cause many problems (scaly skin, nosebleeds, painful joints, etc) but now the other hand getting a lot of me can lower your risk of getting certain kinds of cancer(mostly cancer that strike the mouth and digestive tract).

My chemical formula is made out of elements, particles, and molecules. My molecules and elements are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. My particles are how many Carbon,Hydrogen,and Oxygen are inside me.Like oxygen has 7 particles, Carbon has 6 particle,and Hydrogen has 8 particles inside me. Each particle,element,and molecules are very important because they make me. The funny thing is my particles make the molecule and the molecule makes my element. So they all relate somehow in someway.


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