The Olympics started in Olympia in between 776 bc and 393 ad.

They took place in Olympia.

They were put on as a religious festival for Zeus

The three major categories back then were.Pentathlon, Jumping, Discus throw, Wrestling, Boxing, Pankration, Equestrian events, Running

The first modern Olympics began In 1896. The first Olympic games were held in Athens.

So chi Russia was the last city to hold the winter Olympics.

Curling became an official Olympic sport in 1998.

In the early history of curling, the playing stones were simply flat-bottomed river stones, and you had little control of skill and strategics. The first curling club was established in 1830.

You must slide the stone across  Curling sheet on ice to try and get the most accurate scores out of two teams.

In order to prepare for Olympic curling you must practice hand eye coordination  focus precision and accuracy. you must also practice arm strength to be able to scrub the ice.

Sandra Peterson, Jan Batker, and Joan Ingil are three famous olumpic curlers.

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