By: Bryce Bridges

Howard E. Wasdin was a little boy when ever he started to have an interest in the NAVY SEALS. When he was at 2 years old, his real dad left them and his step-dad would come home and beat him for no reason. As he grew older, he worked for his step-dad who had a lake that they would swim in when they got over heated or tired. That's when he realized that he was a very good swimmer. A couple years later when he was in his 20's, he went and got sworn in to the NAVY SEALS. When he left his mom and step-dad, he arrived at basic training and saw people in towels rapped up with hot chocolate and saw other people sitting in cold water. That's whenever he started having second thoughts about going into the NAVY SEALS. When he arrived at the basic training, he started on major training. they had to run full speed for five miles. Once they got it done, they would have to do 100 push-ups and sit-ups and then had 20 seconds to eat then they went to bed. Then when they were woken up, they would do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups. After that, they would have to carry a boat on there backs up and down hills and had to run full speed 5 miles and then 5 miles back to the base. That one time, about 5 groups which equaled 10 people would go and ring the bell to leave. Will he survive the training. READ "I'M A SEAL TEAM SIX WARRIOR" TO FIND OUT...

Text Features

  • The text features that stood out to me were the heading of the chapters and the pictures.
  • These features helped enhance the book by providing information that helped paint a better picture in my head while reading.


  • Howard E. Wasdin affects the world because he gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect his country.
  • Howard E. Wasdin shaped the events of history by being apart of history. He affected people's lives by saving many soldiers during the Desert Storm Operation.


"Even with the best plan, when the bullets start flying, that plan is going to change."

- Howard E. Wasdin

As Wasdin says, his " father's harshness to me as a child had prepared me for difficulties like this."


Overall, "I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior," was an amazing book. It was amazing because Howard put others ahead of himself and cared for others' lives instead of his own. Also, it shows what hardships and difficulties soldiers have to face when they see their families and with themselves after deployment. Overall, I love how he shows a beginning, during, and after life of a soldier. I recommend this book to people who like adventure and war books.

By: Elisa G. Crystal/Armory Center of the Arts

"They perform heroically and make a difference in rescuing one of the downed pilots. Unfortunately, Wasdin also suffers two vicious gunshot wounds to each of his legs. His biggest fear is that he is going to have a leg amputated. He fights hard while the hospital in Germany to where he was flown tries to put him under and prepare him for potential life-saving surgery."

"Thus begins SEAL TEAM SIX, a stunning and timely memoir written by former elite Navy SEAL sniper Howard E. Wasdin, along with Stephen Templin. The opening paragraph above starts Wasdin's story and how he grew up to become the top sniper in the military's most elite and respected group. From the very first page, Wasdin brings you deep inside his experiences and the mindset he had while training for the military. He was a natural to the sniper role --- able to become one with the ground and part of the dirt, and remain hidden from enemy view in order to get off a critical shot that could make or break that particular skirmish."

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