John Caresio, Logan Sharp

The United States is like a plant cell. The cell wall is the land itself. It provides the country with something to grow and build on.The cell membrane is like the border and US customs. It manages what goes in and out the country just like the cell membrane manages what goes in and out of the cell.

The cytoplasm is like the air because it is what all the cell parts lie in. The nucleus is like the US government because it's what the cell uses to organize it self with. The chloroplasts is like the oil, coal and the reserves in the US because in the plant cell it is what produces the sugar for energy and a the mitochondria is the power plants and grid because it uses the recourses to distribute energy just like how the mitochondria does with energy it gets.

The ribosomes in the cell are like factories in the United States because it build proteins in the cell and sends them to a shipping center like a factory does. The transportation that gets it to the shipping center is the endoplasmic reticulum because it send the proteins to the Golgi Apparatus or the shipping center. The Golgi Apparatus is like a shipping center because it distributes the protein to other parts of the cell like how a shipping center sends goods to other parts of the country. The lysosomes are the incinerators because they both destroy waste. The peroxisomes are the processing plants because they both clean and destroy toxins in the food and the central vacuoles are like stores because they both distribute food.

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3 years ago

Ok, however you are expected to use a picture / image for each part of the cell.