Rosa Parks

By: Lauren Hand

Rosa Parks changed history for the better. She had the courage to not give up her seat for a white man because she knew the way life was at the time was not fair. She wasn't raised in a normal childhood life. She had a lot of things to go through as a child. It only made her stronger. For that brave act, she got so much recognition and thanks for it. Rosa didn't just stand up to the bus driver and white man because she liked the seat she was in. She stood up to them because she knew the separation of people based on their skin color wasn't right.

Rosa Parks was a lot of things. She was a very brave woman. She showed her braveness by not just letting a white man have her move because of her skin color. She was also determined. She was determined to have the laws changed. She was not going to rest until everything was even with all people, and not to be judged because of their skin color. Most of all, she was very eager. She went to jail, got out of jail, made a protest, and all to have everybody treated equally. She got so many accomplishments for it too. She won the NAACP award, published two books, and even made a scholarship foundation for college-bound high school seniors. She was over all a great person.

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