Week 5 Reflection

I'm going to try this resource out by making the most out of my week 5 reflection.

How can I extend a student's learning time?

I think using tools like these presentation tools to have a student keep a running journal through a technology resource. Notebooks are boring now ;) (Voicethread Canv)

I would also try to have sponge activities through short game focused apps. Like a quick slide show story or manipulate an image in someway that has to do with the unit. I think doing activities that are related to the material but are completed quickly can get kids to look forward to finishing their work. Not only will they be done with the assignment but they will be able to move on a more fun activity. (Scratch)

I really like the idea of utilazing all aspects of the classroom including the walls. I would plan to have posters outlining what to do with your extra minutes in class. This could have special projects for students to complete. I would probably make these tasks be included in a final project or portfolio for the end of the year. This way students could work on the projects in their own time but still have an end goal. A drawback pointed out by the author of the article regarding classroom posters is the space is only available in a finite amount. The assignments/activities must be short, concise, and details clear. (Hubenthal, M., O’Brien, T., & Taber, J. (2011). Posters that foster cognition in the classroom: multimedia theory applied to educational posters. Educational Media International, 48(3), 193-207. doi:10.1080/09523987.2011.607322)

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