Carl Jung

       Carl Jung was born in Switzerland, was the son of Paul Achilles Jung, a pastor, and  Emilie Preiswerk. He was a lonely child and enjoyed being alone to his thoughts. When he was 12 a peer at school pushed him to the ground so hard he lost consciousness, He started to faint every time he thought about school or homework. One night he overheard his dad talking about how he wasn't going to be able to make it in life so Carl reevaluated his life and his academics. Jung was interested in the field on medicine and graduated from University of Basel with a medical degree. Early in his career, Jung worked with psychiatric patients at the University of Z├╝rich asylum. In 1906, he wrote Studies in Word Association and sent a copy to Sigmund Freud which started the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Jung became interested in the unconscious mind and understanding of the human mind through dreams, myth, art and philosophy. He eventually broke away from Freud and thought he focused on sex too much. Jung thought the brain was in three parts; the ego, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. Jung also founded analytical psychology and popularized extraversion and introversion.

       Carl Jung was a key contributor in psychology during his time if not throughout all of time. He came up with a lot of ideas and even collaborated often with another famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud. But even though he worked with Sigmund often he eventually cut ties with him which wasn't a common thing to do. Jung had an interesting and unfortunate childhood which makes me believe that this is what drove him to become what he was. He was bullied as a kid and had a very traumatic moment, but eventually worked with Patients in asylums later in his life. He over came a lot and gave us much to learn in the field of psychology.

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