Najila Saenz October PE Project

Option #8-1pt
backyard game

Cops and robbers
simalar to tag, just that each opponent has a team and runs to another's side without being tagged.

Option #9-1pt
how to bump a volleyball
one hand is a gist the other covers with both your thumbs together. To make contact with the ball you shrug your arms up. And this keeps the game going.

Option #10-1pt
hownto punt a football. Grab the footbal and drop it from your belly button high. Pick up your foot and make contact with the footbal about a foot from the ground. This would be used in football for a one point goal.

Keep both hands on your stick at all times, and to scoop or pick up the ball swiftly making a scooping motion under the ball. To lift it up.

Option # 11 demonstrate a lacrosse skill-1pt

Option #11 -1pt
disc golf. Slowly pull your arm inward with the disc, unwind and follow through.

Visit a park-2pt
Christianna street

Dance 3-py

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