The History of Volleyball

 Volleyball was made in the United States; and is now a very popular sport played by 800 million people once every week.  More than 46 million Americans play volleyball. In 1995 the sport of volleyball was 100 years old!

 In 1895 William Morgan decided to put basketball, baseball, tennis and handball all together.The name "volleyball" came from people saying that they are volleying the ball around. The net came from tennis and they just raised the net to 6 feet 6 inches off the floor and passed the ball back and forth over the net. Before the special ball was made for volleyball the other ball was very hard to play with.

 Volleyball didn't just stay in the United states it went all over the world. Soon volleyball was played in Canada, The Southern Hemisphere and Cuba. A few years later the sport of volleyball spread to Puerto Rico and Uruaguay. Next volleyball started getting played in Brazil. Soon volleyball was known all over the world! Volleyball was ranked one of the top sports.

The rules of Volleyball

 In volleyball, there are six players on the court. That means there are six positions. The positions in volleyball are: Left front, Center front, Right front, Left back, Center back, and lastly Right back. Here is one of the most common rules: You can only have three certain contacts with the ball, pass, set and spike. If you catch the ball its a foul. Another big rule is that the ball cannot touch the ground. Some simpler rules of the game is if the ball comes over the net and goes out, its the other teams point. A rule while your serving is your foot  can't touch the line in front of you. Another rule is that if you serve and it touches the floor on the other side of the court, doesn't go out, and doesn't touch anybody, it's called an ace.

 Some people don't know it but there are two kinds of serves. Underhand and overhand. Underhand is where you hold the ball low and swing your arm and hit the ball over. Overhand is where you throw the ball up in the air put your arm up, and swing through.

This is a picture of volleyball they used when volleyball was first invented.

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