Week 1

Welcome to Logic and Troubleshooting

Week 1 - Welcome to Logic and Troubleshooting

The textbook for this course is An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity

This class is exactly what the course title says. It will sharpen your critical thinking skills and troubleshooting approach to IT problems and help your overall thinking process when approaching any problem.

In the big picture this course is meant to focus on details that as a decision maker you would have to evaluate. The question is "How can you look at a scenario from all angles in order to make the best/most accurate decision on how to proceed for solve?" Just as important as the answer is how you came to that answer.

Consider logic as the pure basis of programming. Look at the question under "Lateral Thinking" with the kids that are not twins. In programming you might be asked to generate a report that lists all children who are "multiples" but your code only counts twins, you might need to adjust the code to say >= 2 (greater than or equal to 2) rather than = 2 (equal to two). Not the best example but you get the idea. :)

There are just a couple things about the course I'd like to point out.

  1. Module 1 Discussion - Post an initial post by Wednesday and a reply by Saturday. Post deadlines are always midnight central time. At least two posts are required each week. An initial post by Wed by midnight and a second by Sat by midnight. I would love more participation than two posts per week but that is the minimum. You will receive deductions if you ONLY make two posts in the same day and none the other days. Other posts must be made on separate days. This is not meant to discourage multiple posts in a day but rather to encourage you to participate throughout the week.
  2. Module 1 Written Assignment - Submit your assignment to the drop box by Sunday at midnight.
  3. Module 1 Quiz

I will post an assignment announcement by late Tuesday or Wednesday that will provide details on what I'm looking for and tips to help you complete them. This will be my general method of posting on Mondays and introducing the current week's concepts then posting again on Tuesday or Wednesday to cover the assignment(s).

I like to think of myself as a very available instructor. Email me or call me with any questions you might have 407-256-8381.

My best advice would be to read the required readings early and first. Then view the video lectures each week. Those videos lectures will tie the and focus the concepts covered in the weekly readings towards IT troubleshooting. Check out the video below for a quick spin around the course. :)


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