Who am I?

Hunter Myers

My values are sports because I can't live without them.

I would describe my personality as funny, chill, athletic and lazy.

On my free time I play like back yard football or shoot basketball with a couple of my friends.

PE is my favorite subject in school. And lunch.

I am a hands on learner. I like experiments and stuff like that.

I can do a backflip. I'm pretty talented.


I have and it looks good for the rest of my life.

My personality type says I'm an extravert not an introvert.

It says I have no preference of sensing intuition.

I have moderate preference of thinking over feeling.

I have a slight preference of judging over perceiving.

My career says I'm going to be in childcare.

I'm a freshman in high school.

I love sports.

I hate classes but I have to do it.

My favorite sport is football.

If I had to choose a class that was my favorite it would probably be study hall.

When I grow up I want to be something like an athletic trainer or coach of a sport, maybe even a commentator.

I love music. I love listening to it on my free time.

People have told me I'm really good at sports.

I've been on TV.

I wouldn't transfer schools for anything. I love my community and how much they support the Warriors in sporting activities.

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