Do know what's cool small and not that tall well guess what.....It's an iPod. In this feature article I will tell you Colors, History, And up grades, And more.


Colors For Some Others

There tow colors for iPods which are traditional black and white. But only the iPhone 5'C you can have. Sadly this is all I know of.

1. Black

2. Red

3. White

4. Blue

5. Pink

6. Gold

7. Purple

8. Orange

9. Yellow

Up Grade

It is more likely that when a new iPod comes out it will have a new modal and new soft wear. For example the iPad. Then they up graded it, got it new soft wear, And new model and now it is called, The iPad Mini.

How I Feel

I feel happy, And exited, And motivated. About their products and coming out products. And motivated to be an inventor. And exited about the future for iPods.

Finally, I hope you learned allot about iPods today. Now remember an iPod is what is cool small and not that tall.