Nobody Likes You

Marc Spitz


Nobody Likes You is based on the life of Green Day from the early stages of Sweet Children to the American Idiot Tour. The books describes the struggle that each member went through individually, and as a band. From issues such as death, drug abuse, stealing, and being stolen from to less important issues such as not having milk for Tré's coffee one morning. It shows the low parts, High parts, and the weird parts of Green Day throughout their adventures. The book's main point is the struggle of being a single band in a time of Punk Rock, where everyone liked the sound but no one knew the band. As the band set out on their first big "tour" when the next destination varied on whether or not they made enough money from the show they just played. With the occasional event of having all their gear and money stolen, the band was not having the best introdution to the world of punk. After multiple attempts at trying to make it to the top, the band made enough money to get to europe and continued their journey in a new setting. But after many funny shenanigans and the release of Shenanigans the band finally made it big.


"'Well you know, for me punk has always been about doing things your own way,' Armstrong said in 2005. 'What it represents for me is an ultimate freedom and sense of individuality. Which basically becomes a metaphor for life and the way you want to live it. So as far as Green Day is concerned, I really want the band to form into its on thing and not just try to represent all of what punk rock is, because you then alienate people and you also alienate yourself. It's about remaining passionate in punk rock but at the same time just really doing your own thing so its not just about writing punk rock music, but writing Green Day music.'" (Spitz, 108)

My Opinion

I really enjoyed the book because it was a good, easy read, and was very entertaining to read. The book went through all the aspects that i had hoped for the book to show and inform the reader on. However I had only given the book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because i felt that book didn't deliver new information to me as a reader and as a fan. I would recommend this book to any fan of punk rock or to any fan of Green Day.

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