Good Business Cards

1. I simply love the transparent design. It gives the card and the viewer a good feel to the       way it is read and what may lie behind the see through card.

2.The skateboard design is just pure awesomeness.  Who would have thought that                 making a little piece of wood into a business promotion.  I love the style as well.

3.The Neon Green card is very unique because most card are usually used with paper.     nut using this new design for an attention grabber, it will definitely bring those       customers to your attention.

Bad Business Cards

1.I Completely hate the idea.  Its too cluttered and the images make me lose focus on what i    am trying to read.

2. Would have looked better if the bus didn't look as plain and the color is just too dull. Could have done a better job with it.

3.To Simple need more attention grabbers and stylish design, maybe like abstract.  It would bring is out more and be part of the Good Business Cards.

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