Do you have T.V. at home? Do you yell at your kids for watching T.V.? Get ready! Here is an exciting news for all. Watching television is good for all because it is awesome source of information, entertainment, and creativity. We can see T.V. in everyone home. It is not very expensive now a days. It is portable, so people carry wherever they move. Television is amazing source of information moreover, we can get news and views from all over the world. We can know about the new invention, government policies, and global political scenario. In addition, it plays a vital role in entertainment across the globe. We can watch live forecast of game of any kind like soccer, cricket, hockey etc. With the help of watching television you can be more creative and develop your skills and knowledge. Programs like cooking, painting, welding and so on are very effective. It always helps you to learn new things and encourages you to come with your own ideas. Finally, watching television always helps you to step forward in the society. It makes you feel more entertained, creative, and informative.