Justin Mckenzie CIO

Justin McKenzie, CIO: Shared Governance

Justin McKenzie, CIO, is known for his collaborative spirit and his emphasis on team building and relationships across departments and institutions. McKenzie has built a career in academic Information Technology by forming effective partnerships across administrative, academic, and research sectors. He says that this collaboration leads to better systems for students, administrators, and professors to use. McKenzie sees the future of academia in data produced by smartly designed IT systems. He wants to provide the raw data that reveals solutions for administrators and students. McKenzie’s long experience in developing IT solutions puts him in a unique position to affect academic policy at some of the most influential institutions in the Southeastern region.

Justin McKenzie, CIO is aggressive in exploring potential opportunities for managing technology requirements via advances and innovations in research computing. Research computing is a growing area of research in and of itself. This area of technological research keeps advancing at quick rate, and academic institutions would be foolish to not jump onboard with research computing scientists in improving their IT systems for their students and staff.

Justin McKenzie, CIO, is also a proponent of shared governance in IT organizations. This notion goes along with his nature as a top-notch collaborator. He says that he has helped to reshape many IT organizations by sharing responsibilities. Everywhere he has emphasized shared governance he has successfully lowered the total costs of ownership for an entire university or other enterprise. McKenzie says that he hopes to institute changes to many more enterprises in the future that will make their operations more efficient and effective.

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