Lord of the Flies
Character Transformation


  • Jack started out as an innocent young boy who was not capable of doing any harm to anyone or anything.
  • On page 31 we see how innocent Jack truly was when Golding explained why Jack didn't kill the pig.
  • "They knew very well why he hadn't: because of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood."
  • Then later on page 69 we see how Jack's character made a 180 from where he couldn't  imagine taking the life of a living thing.
  • "I cut the pig's throat."
  • Comparing the two quotes we see how Jack lost all connection to his innocence and then turned violent.


  • Ralph was the person on the island who was like the adult figure keeping everything in order and civilized. On page 23 we are shown this.
  • "Listen, everybody. I've got to have time to think things out. I can't decide what to do straight off. If this isn't an island we might be rescued straight away. So we've got to decide if this is an island."
  • At times throughout the story Ralph falls away from civilization and does savage things. One of the times this is described is on pages 114 and 115.
  • "Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering."


  • Roger does not only represent himself but he also represents the rest of the boys on the island.
  • On page 62 we see how Roger has civilization apart of him.
  • "Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them. Yet there was a space round Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw. Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life.", "Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins."
  • On page 180 we see how civilization is no longer apart of Roger.
  • "High overhead, Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all his weight on the lever."
  • Roger's civilization change is shown through civilization stopping him from doing harm to Henry but then civilization was nowhere to be seen when he launched the rock that killed Piggy.

This picture shows how all the boys changed from their civilized and innocent self into savage beasts.

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