Eileen's  Cookies By Natalie

Eileen's cookies first started in 1982 at Eileen Harman's home in Hastings.

Eileen Harman put her first store in Hastings Nebraska a year after she started making cookies. Eileen Harman  has two sons named Gabe and Tony.

The most important thing to the Eileen was starting her buisness in 1983.  Right now Eileen has 6 different locations.  Did you know that  Eileen's cookies doesn't actully use milk in there frosting they actully use almond extract so it makes it taste different.

Did you know the owner is 65.  Also Eileen's cookies is located in papillion Nebraska. Did you know that Eileen's cookies has been open for 22 years?

This is Eileen Harman and her sons Gabe and Tony in Eileen's cookies in Hastings Nebraska.


This is one of the workers at work making cookies at Eileen's Cookies in Hastings Nebraska.

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