The Boy Behind the Ball

Thematic Statement

Be yourself, and do not let others change who you truly are.


   This book does have a strong relation to my life. Although I do not play football, I do play basketball. In the book, John Coogan, or otherwise known as "Crash", is on his school's football team. I am trying out for our school's basketball team. We both play sports in our school. John Coogan finds himself being a bully to a kid named Penn Webb. He later on becomes friends with Penn. I do not bully people, but I have found myself judging people before I meet them. I have became friends with people I thought I would never even talk to, just because I thought they didn't share the same interests as me. As it turns out, most the people I pre-judge, end up becoming great friends.


   Crash, by Jerry Spinelli, is an excellent book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an interesting book. The book kept me wanting to read on. I am not really a big reader, but this book actually made me enjoy reading. What makes this book so captivating, is the way it changes so quickly. It's also very interesting to read, because you may find yourself relating to many of the events in the book. John Coogan, the main character, is also very interesting. He's witty and unique, in his own way. Unfortunately, John is also kind of a jerk. He's always messing with people, especially Penn Webb, his neighbor. John Coogan thinks that Penn is a weird loser. You'll have to read the book to find out how they become friends.

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