What is Technology? It seems like a simple concept but if decipher what true technology is there are many avenues it takes us.  Technology is always changing and that is due to  planned obsolescence in regards to technology.  Meaning that a product is certain to last only a specific amount of time. For example, if we take a look at the iPhone. We see that every two – three years, a new version of the iPhone comes is introduced and we see people racing out to buy the new and latest version. However, with new versions comes new hardware and software that may not be compatible with previous versions. From a social standpoint in individuals have the same product but different versions they may not be able to communicate with one another until they can communicate on the same platform.

If we take a look at schools, students remain connected, but only as individuals, where they operate as a separate community network that switches between various sub-networks. (Wellman, Boase & Chen, 2002). Gone are the days where students would consult a group of friends that knew all their affairs. Today with technology students are more liberated to act on their own or connect with several sectors of their network (Raine & Wellman, 2012). Therefore, this is not likely to change anytime soon due to planned obsolescence and students acting as individuals within their own networks.

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